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Reinventing Work

I’m on a vision quest to reinvent the way I work. I vow never to work on-site again. Remote-only for me. I also never want to work with shitty people again. Life is too short for that.

I’m super excited to work with Flexify on a new project that will help me achieve those goals. Ecommerce is new to me but I’m happy to contribute in any ways I can. I’m setting up a shop at ChalkRebels to sell liquid climbing chalk online.

I’m exploring the idea of setting up a B-Corp for the Chalk Rebels business since the main goal is environmental: help people reduce their chalk use. I’m also taking time for deep work & long-term thinking. I care about privacy, the web & the environment. I’m a minimalist both online and in real life. Life is too short for clutter.

I’m systematically opting out of digital products maintained by attention merchants. I have opted out of social media years ago & am now on a quest to aggressively send GDPR requests to any service I don’t strictly need.

I try to climb a lot. Climbing brings meaning to my life. I’m also building a climbing coaching app & personal safety app for iPhone.

Updated July 8th, 2019, from Leiden, The Netherlands.

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